5 OCTOBER 2023

Achieve Maximum Personal and Professional Productivity While Conquering Stress Overload (FOR FREE)

Learn how at this premiere online event


If you're frustrated by the fire fighting and the burnout, you've come to the right place...

Discover proven strategies

Do you feel used up by the end of your workday? You are not alone. 60% of leaders feel the same way. These indicators of long term stress and burnout can be prevented.

That's unacceptable - especially because there are proven strategies that can help prevent the burnout.

You'll learn what drives your stress and burnout. You'll walk away with various mindset strategies you can use to halt and reverse burnout, even if you've all but given up...

And the best part: learning these practices will transform your productivity and happiness across the board.

Gain clarity & take action

Are you overwhelmed, struggling with low productivity, personal/interpersonal conflict, or organizational chaos? We've all been there and you can be a productivity powerhouse without overwhelm.

Learn how to effectively manage the urgent while also strategically focusing on the important.

Even if you can't see a way out of the infinite number of meetings right now, learn how to set professional boundaries, empower your teams, and take control.

Because this is so important, we don't shy away from the tough questions. Learn from experts. It's that clarity paired with practical tips that will allow you to take action and experience increased productivity.

Feel inspired & supported

It can feel lonely at the top. Don't stay alone in your stress and struggles. Come and get support. Break out of isolation and connect with leaders who have learned the importance of finding support within community.

Sometimes, just knowing that we aren't alone is enough to relieve some of the stress. This virtual summit is broadcast LIVE so that you can interact, ask questions, and get the support you need to become truly elite in your professional and personal lives.

Plus, you'll hear incredible transformation stories from the people who have cracked the code. They'll share winning strategies and mindsets so you can do the same.

Who knows, you may even find a few new friends along the way.

Join the FREE Productivity and Stress Management Summit

Join us and some of the best productivity and mindset experts. Each presentation will cover new topics. You'll have the option of two talks per hour and you'll get all the inspiration, practical tips, and insights you need to transform your leadership, make the impact you desire, and actually enjoy it...

At this transformational leadership summit you'll walk away with practical tools to improve your leadership and internal response to stress.

You can learn the actionable principles of being an influential executive, network with other amazing executives, and even declutter your mind so you can refocus on what's truly important to you - in work and personally!

Heck, you may even make some new friends!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this productivity and stress management summit:

  • Get the kick in the butt you need to get out of the fire fighting for a day and dedicate some time to your own development

  • Receive actionable insights from multiple experts to become truly elite in your professional and personal lives

  • Learn the real secret for getting the influence you need to make the impact you desire

  • Escape the burnout and/or imposter syndrome that affects too many of your fellow executives

  • Stop being reactive and start being more strategically proactive at work and home

  • and much, MUCH more!

Don't miss this productivity and stress management summit where you can discover the best ways to build and maintain productive teams aligned to strategic goals.

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